Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank Heaven,

For eleven months, that is. All I can say is, I can't believe the vast improvement just a few weeks can make. I continue to watch him blossom right before my eyes. His newest trick, he loves to clap. It's all he does anymore, especially if we sing pat-a-cake, he hears someone else clapping, or we tell him to clap.

He finally has his first tooth! It came through on the 24th of September. I think he loves to show it off!

We'll put him in his bouncer and the boy goes to town. His jumps are accompanied by his giggles and our delight. When he's no longer in his bouncer, he continue to jump on our laps.

It seems he is much more interested in people. He makes eye contact with just about everyone who speaks to him. And he's always interested in what you've got going on with your hands if you're holding him at the same time.

His angelic demeanor is forever steady. He is so patient, and truly a happy baby.

Happy eleven month birthday, Lincoln. One more month until we celebrate the day you changed our lives forever!!