Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preemie Reunion 2011

I'm sure I'll find plenty more photos in the next little bit, but these were the ones I was really keeping my eyes peeled for. We love going to the preemie reunion and showing all the people we grew very close to, how their hard work has paid off. I love to see them drool over Lincoln and watch his gaze as if he truly remembers each one.
This cute little lady holding Lincoln was one of the first angels to take care of him.  Not only did she take care of him, but she took wonderful care of us as well.  We have fond memories of Heather and could never thank her enough!!

And to be honest, the photo/post overload is due to me slacking a little too much.  I looked at one of the past comments from a friend on the last post I did. She asked for an update....that was July 10th and the post was dated April 14th.  We just recently moved and because of the distance, we were assigned new therapists.  It's always a good and bad thing.  Good because we can go outside of the box with the therapy we were receiving before and have a new set of eyes and bad because we loved our old therapists and will miss them dearly.  We'll being doing an assesment in the next couple of weeks again to see where Lincoln is and where we need to go.  The funny thing about both of our new therapists is our PT is actually one of our friends.  We didn't put it together until she got here and we all recoginzed each other.  Her hubby and my hubby worked and played softball together in the past.  Now with my OT, I was told that she's good... really good....like Annie Miller good.  Annie Miller was one of our therapists while Lincoln was still in the NICU at Utah Valley.  We LOVED her and she LOVED Lincoln.  We were so sad to have had to move on from her, but we still get to see her from time to time and hear about her.  We've met with our new OT, Chris, once and so far she is wonderful.  Now that I've caught you up just a teeny on Lincoln, I have a bit more detailed blogging to do on our family blog! .....maybe another day!

My Buddy

These two are great buddies. Lincoln was happy to accompany Luke to his first day of Kindergarten.  Given the opportunity, I bet Luke would have had Lincoln stay with him the whole day.  They sure are cute together.  I love to see the sibling love between them....cute boys!!

Moab 2011

I think the only time I pulled out my camera this entire trip was for these pool photos.  I was happy to capture the genuine fun Lincoln was having in the pool.  It got a little chilly so he didn't last long, but he loved it while it lasted!

Memorial Day

Love the opportunity we have to go down and visit our baby Colten. Lincoln is getting to that stage where he's pretty curious and was a bit interested in the headstone. Isn't amazing how close babies are to the doorways of Heaven. I often wonder what they see...what they know. I'm sure Colten was one of the last angels Lincoln saw before he made his presence here on earth. I'm sure Colten has been Lincoln's guardian angel through out all of his struggles. How wonderful it will be to see these boys reunite! And really all of us for that matter!

Fourth of July 2011

I'm so bummed! I took a ton of cute pictures with my phone of us at the derby, but a few days later I had to reset my phone because it was frozen. I lost all the photos I had on there. That's why it's good idea to back everything up ASAP! Here I go again being a Debbie Downer. Makes me sad I haven't had my camera in hand as often lately. I am a tad busy with school, but I don't want too many memories to pass by! For some reason these photos aren't the best quality, but they're better than nothing!!


I rummaged through all of Lincoln's miscellaneous photos to see if there were a few random ones I could add.  And as you can see, they are very random!! Man..... I need to start taking photos more!  I'm pretty good around the holidays, but I need to get better at taking more candid shots!

I think this was one of the last pictures with Lincoln in my belly.  Savana snuggled right up to me and Lincoln and posed for the camera :)

In a Pickle

So, how do you get your mom to not feed you a pickle when you're just not lovin' it?  I think he gave in with that old saying...."if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"  It was too funny watching all his sour faces.  He wasn't sure about the pickle at all, but one thing's for sure....he loves to humor us.  We tried this the other day with a lemon.  He didn't love the taste, but seeing that every one of us giggled with delight, he kept doing it just to get us to laugh and get our attention..