Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lincoln Turns Two!!

Little buddy was not so happy to be involved in a photo shoot, but he warmed up pretty quick! We actually skipped out on an actual birthday party this year for Lincoln because we had something much bigger in store. We took a quick surprise trip to Disneyland....more about that in a later post. We've enjoyed our little angel and we're so glad he's doing so well. He is making a lot of progress, slowly but surely. He makes me more and more proud everyday. I love the little twinkle in his eyes when he's accomplished something and he sees our delight.

I think he was a tad overwhelmed that we were staring in his face singing and requesting he blow out the candles. He made sure to get the cupcake over every inch of his head though!

We'll just say I think Lincoln became someone's Prince Charming while in Disneyland

The words I can think of he is now saying:
 dog, book, cat, cow, monkey, blanket, outside, cheese, hat, "wuke"-Luke, momma, daddy, down, all done, eat, ball, sissy, "cottie"-Scottie, what's that, tries to sing along to "on top of spaghetti", grandma, grandpa, mickey mouse, duck, shoes, nana-banana, "nana"-savana, cracker, night-night, bath, we'll say "say what" dramatically & he'll say "what" dramatically, peek a boo, back, finishes the phrase for us "oh my .....gosh", mmmm when he sees food, baba, uh-oh, apple, "mo"-more, oh toodles, football, kisses,kids, koda, Christmas, pizza, balloon, party rock, shake that, open, close, I love Scottie, bubbles, happy birthday, basketball, baby,
block, go, brush, pillow pet, dad poo, walker, walk & just about anything we say he will repeat!
The newest thing we've been working on is walking with a walker!!

We are so proud of you baby! You've come so far and jumped over so many hurdles. Keep up the good work little were meant to be here!
Happy Birthday!!