Saturday, November 10, 2012

Preschool for My Little Linc!

Here he is...being a big boy and going to school. I'm pretty happy he's going. I think it will be so good for him and I'm sure I'll see so much progress! He wasn't very sure about his first day. I made the mistake about saying goodbye, that set him off and he cried pretty hard. It was a bit sad for me, but I knew he was in good hands. They let me know he cried for only about thirty seconds. I wasn't so sure how I was going to feel about him riding the bus. I decided to just drive him the first week, have the bus bring him home the second week and then by the third week he could ride the bus to and from. He loved it! I had to learn not to say goodbye again though. I can wave and say 'have fun,' but no good-byes.

Friday, November 9, 2012

He's 3

Lots of exciting things going on around here!  Lincoln has been participating in the Early Intervention Program for the last three years, where he is provided with in home therapy.  As soon as the little tykes turn three, they graduate and if they qualify, they are able to start preschool!  Lincoln qualified and started school on his birthday! Very intense :)