Monday, July 16, 2012

Ride a Pony

Lincoln was offered the opportunity, through his therapy program, to do horse riding for additional therapy. It is supposed to help with balance, strengthening, and stretching. I was pretty sure he'd enjoy the experience, but sometimes kids like the things they like from a distance and not necessarily up close and in person. I wasn't sure of how his reaction to riding the horse would be, but I can pretty much sum it up to he LOVED it! I could tell he was a bit unsure at first. He was being held and talked to by new people in a new place. As soon as they put him on the horse and they started walking around, he was on cloud nine. When it was time to go, one of the therapists took him to the horse's face and had him give it a little pet. Instinctively, Lincoln leaned over and gave the horse a kiss! We get to do this for about a month and I'm so happy for the opportunity! It's priceless to see his face beaming as he rides around the arena on what he calls a "kitty cat!"