Thursday, March 29, 2012


We've had this walker for a few months now.  In ways it's been a love/hate relationship, but really for the most  Lincoln has been practicing indoors and it finally was warm enough to take it out.  He loves the outdoors!!  If he hears a knock at the door, he's right there with the rest of the kids to greet the guest.  Most of the times it results in him trying to escape.  He could have gone on and on this day cruising along.  He had no issues trying to walk on the grass or concrete, it was all fair game to him.  We just recently unlocked the front wheels so they would swivel.  He's doing really well with it.  In this particular video, I was a tad nervous when he headed up the driveway knowing he'd have to eventually come down.  To my amazement, he controlled it like a pro.  I'm super anxious, as I'm sure he is as well, for the weather to continue to stay nice so we can keep him going.  It's fun to see his progress to this point.  I was hoping we wouldn't have to depend on a walker, but if it's the tool we need to get him walking, we'll take it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Can't Get Enough....

Okay, this little guy kills me. I seriously can't get enough of his big blue eyes, plump velvety lips, and ladies man demeanor. He LOVES to flirt. If he sees a lady at the store, he'll stare her down until she finally gives in and falls into the spell of his dreamy eyes. He flashes a big smile to let her know he's won.
Lincoln had an evaluation with the opthomolagist a few months ago at his neonatal follow up clinic. Dr. Larson was concerned about his occasional eye-crossing and prepared me that we might have to delve into the eye glasses torture again. He had another follow up three months later where they determined it would be best to get him in glasses again to try to correct his alignment. I wasn't too ecstatic, but I knew it was for the best. After meeting with the doc and figuring out Lincoln's prescription, I met with a psychologist. He gave me a few pointers in how to make sure Lincoln wouldn't mess around with his them. I have to say, so far it seems to be working wonders. It could help that he's a bit older and understands when he is told "no"as well. We'll see how long it lasts, who knows how permanent it may be. I think he is handsome with or without them ..... either way, we're good!
Maybe next time I can get a picture with him looking at me and smiling :)